Be a simple kind of man.

I am shocked, least to say. Before I start, I am no expert in these kinds of stuff. I don’t consider that I have any disorders, yeah, I’m constantly on a diet, but a healthy diet mixed with exercise. And now I am going to start.

I was reading this blog today, the rookie, but that’s not the point. As I was reading through the posts I somehow got to some kind of eating disorder related ones, so I started reading other blogs, and thinspo blogs, tumblr’s whatever, you get the point.

All the way, all I could think of was that there are so many young girls. 12,13,14 year-old girls starving themselves to death because they see themselves fat? I’m not judging them, don’t get me wrong, I’m just stunned that we live in a motherfucking world where a 12 year-old girl can become anorexic because she wants to fit in, to stop being bullied, to be thin like the models, to be perfect.

I’m no stranger to dieting. I tried many methods, I was what they call fat nowadays, yeah. I bet all those skinny, calorie counting girls were making fun of me but I chose to lose my weight the healthy way: with a healthy diet (I cut low on carbohydrates, drank a lot of water, lost the junk food and only ate sweets occasionally) and work-out. It was hard work, and I wanted to quit so many times, but I just kept on going. It’s no quick fix. It’s not like starving yourself for two weeks and seeing the drastic changes, and, all in all probably having a sense of achievement, even though your body is exhausted.Starving yourself is hard, it’s painful, it requires a lot of futile control. It makes you lose focus, and for a 12 year old girl, in school, it can mean a lot of hardship concerning school life in general.

I’m not going to rant about healthy lifestyles. All I really want to point out that there is no perfect. All of the models out there are models. It’s their job to look that way, they get paid to look like that. It’s not an everyday woman’s job to look like that. Skin and bones? That is not perfect, that is ugly. Boys won’t like you better, no one will look at you in a different light, not in a positive way, no. It’s okay to be normal. If you weight a bit more than you think you should, go exercise, go run, it’s way better than starving yourself to death. And most importantly don’t think that being thin is going to make you happy. It might, for awhile but that sense of accomplishment can only make you happy for so long and there’s so much more to life than that. Learn to ignore the bullies, and what others think. Be yourself, whoever that is, it’s the only person you can be. Be proud of your hair color, your eyes, your shape, be proud of yourself. Learn to love yourself. Each of us is beautiful in their own way, and those quick to judge by looks are just sad people, really really sad and unaccomplished people, with low self-esteem.

And please remember that those who will and do truly love us, don’t love us for what sizes we wear, or how much we weight. They love us for what’s inside our soul. And that’s what really matters. Be something you love and understand.


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