Kony 2012-Let’s help make a difference!


So one of my best friends linked me to this video, and told me to drop my studying and just watch it.So I was like yeah, I’m all sleepy and stuff and in no mood to do school work so yeah, why not? So I clicked. And I watched the video. And well what can I say? It caught me. I mean. Any time I see something like this it makes me feel.. unhappy about life but at the same time motivated to do something about it.

These kinds of things make me believe that there’s still hope for little people such as me to help, in any seemingly futile way possible.

Let me tell you some things about myself.

I am from an eastern European county, most of you probably have no idea exists, and it’s okay-we’re too weird  to be noticed for anything we do really, and people here are lazy and judgemental and mediocre, for the most.So we never do anything to be noticed. Or rather, those who do don’t live here anymore, and they deny their origins. Which is like okay with me, I’m no huge patriot, I don’t judge everybody must have their reasons.

Anyway. I live in a relatively small town ( well it’s not so small compared to other towns in my country, if you know what I mean. )I live with my dad and stepmum since my mother died when I was very little. I have the usual high-school drama going on, friends that are on and off and I’m the kind of person who, well, loves people and loves helping them since it’s the only thing to really make me feel good about myself, in general. When I help others, I feel like I’m helping myself get over my own issues. So these on and off, fake friendships cause me a lot of grief and as of lately they really make my days seem worse and worse and worse. And I tend to get all depressed and that leads me to the next issue..

In order for me to ever move out of this shithole of a country I should have really good grades, and a scholarship and so on and so forth, and even those wouldn’t guarantee me the escape from my birthplace. And I hate feeling like the fact that I was born here has been hanging over my head like this dark curse-cloud all of my life. I hate feeling and fearing that I might be stuck here for good, with no choice but to word my but off to barely scrape enough money for food let alone pay rent and everything else. So yeah. I know every place has its ups and downs, ut trust me when I tell you that even though this is true, there are certain places in this world where  it’s worth putting up with a little bad because there’s more good to it.Where I live it’s a whole other deal, but I’m not really going to get into that subject.

So yeah. Watching this made me think of my future, of our future, and of *(maybe) the end of the world? Whether the true and realistic end of the world or merely the end of the world as we know it up to the 21st century.? I have no idea. All I know is that it seems like a lot of people, including myself made plans to change, either themselves or to attempt changing the world this year, and because I can somehow relate, even though my goals are small and insignificant. So I wanted to share the video. Please click it, please watch it, please feel it, let it pass through.

I know I can’t help more than this because of where I live , I just hope all of those capable of helping these people out will spare few dollars hoping this could make a change for so many. I think this world needs good deeds. It needs love and not hatred. Hatred lead us to where we stand now, and it’s not all well and good and sunshine and candy now is it? Life seems to be harder than ever so. I really hope these people achieve their goals.I really do.


On a more personal*(?) note, I ..well.. I dunno I might be sick or something. I have these absolutely horrible abdnominal pains on my right side. It like starts from underneath my ribs, through my stomach (burning, tightening sensations), and just heads downwards on the right side radiating to my spine, till my appendix and my right ovary hurt.I really don’t know what the cause of this could be, but I’m gonna see a doctor about it soon, I think.
Anyone ever had anything like this ? xoxo




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