Have you ever reread a previous blog of yours? Or a journal you wrote few years back?

Why I’ve been on a roll this weekend. Lots of bitchy high school drama has been going on and well, me being me, I was really pissed and upset about it. A former crush of mine got hit by a car and was in a coma for three weeks, as well so..yeah.. may much..’yay’. (Oh god. I know, this was lame.)

So I’ve stumbled upon something I wrote when I was about ..14?15? I don’t even remember. But I feel dumb about the way I handle life these days, because I seemed much more mature back then:”But denial was just part of everything. Every friendship anyone swore to never have lost, every summer people promised within themselves to always remember, as it fades away, you dwell into denial, and then sorrow comes, and then, you forget. Either you forget about those people in your life that had vanished, no matter of circumstance, or you forget to feel, and to stand up on your own feet again.

My friends, my family. I loved them and I still love them. I owe them for being who I am now. I owe them for being the reason. The reason for me being, they gave me strength, the strength to be something. To be something better. Even if better counted as worse in their eyes.

Love was and always will be terrible. But on a second thought love isn’t terrible. It just reminds us that we’re all alone, that’s all.

Have you ever discovered anything interesting that you wrote a while back? Have you noticed the huge changes in who you are now, and who you were back then?


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