Vampire Diaries

Wow! Well I’ve had people telling me how cool it is for like.. ages, but I was always like ‘meh,vampires? seriously? must e so twilightish’ so.. i didn’t listen to what anyone ever said and just did my own motherfucking thing.but since summer break is in, and i’m on a shortage of  friends, well I kind of spend my days in the house. all by myself, and sometimes i do my summer assignments but most of the time i’m not up for them. so i downloaded the three seasons of The Vampire Diaries.

OMG! so yes. OMG! I never thought I’d love a show this much. I adored it, hell I spent the last 3 days in my room watching it. I’ve just finished the third season like two hours ago and I’m still dumbfounded.

So I really like the story. It’s a good thing that they made up a normal vampire history and all, and oh, my,god. I was so thankful for the whole werewolf thing. I mean i was thankful for the fact that Tyler didn’t just do a fairy-jump and transform into a werewolf. (Seriously, Twilight series?)

I love Stefan, he seems genuinely good, and pure, and the kind of person who is not afraid to show who he really is.But even though I love him, I adore Damon. He is the best. I think I like him even more because he reminds me about myself most of the times (no, I’m not that big of a meanie or a bitch). He is a really caring person, who has turned to be the way he is because of all the hurt, anger but I think mostly all  the disappointment he had to go through. But I think at the end of the day, yeah, Stefan will always love Elena and he’s like this constant..thing for her, something she can hold onto,  but Damon could truly make her happy, if she would just trust him and show him her true feelings . I think the reason he kept doing the things he did, was because she never really showed him her feelings, and it’s a coping mechanism.He always fucked up and hurt her, before she had the chance to do that to him. (I do this all the time, unfortunately) And I feel kind of pissed because their situation is so realistic, I mean there are some people who always get what they want and they don’t even have to fight for it ( Stefan got Elena pretty easily if you ask me, and I mean got her to love him, to trust him) while others could die trying and still wouldn’t get what they want (How long did Damon try, and try in the second and third seasons? Still she chose Stefan.)’s unfair.

I think Damon’s true self is really shown from the second season. When he goes about and when he lays down in the middle of the road, and compels that girl to stand still so he could just get everything that’s bothering him out of his system. Him compelling Andie is just another sign of how much pain he’s in and how desperately he tries to fight his feelings. I think that everything he does he does to numb the pain. To try and show others that he has completely shut down his humanity so they wouldn’t think he’s weak. I don’t think he could ever shut himself down the way Stefan did. He’s just too impulsive and hot-headed to do that.  Plus, he loves her so much. And you can fucking see that in every fucking scene they’re together.

I think my fav quote of Damon’s was: ” When people see good, they expect good. And I don’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations

Another thing, I hate how sometimes I get Elena and Katherine mixed up but I get the feeling that that’s the point? I love the Katherine style more, it just shows everyone who fucking lucky Ian Somerhalder is to have such a hot girlfriend like Nina Dobrev. orw. (And she’s  fucking lucky too.). They’re a hot-ass couple, that’s for sure.

I could go on about this series forever I think, I’m just too lazy to type, since my keyboard is fucked up and it’s a pain in the ass.

Can’t wait for the next season,whooppiii


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