No one sleeps when I’m awake

  This past two, well one and a half week/s have been crazaaaay! Last week I went on a school trip (if you can still call it that) with all of the boys in my class and one chick including some other school mates,¬† abroad. We went to this lake called Velence in the neighboring […]

Everything’s all by the way.

So firstly, I .. dunno if I should apologize for the Kony 2012 post or what. I’ve documented myself over the past months, and as far as I’m concerned I agree that it is a scam, a political scam to be exact, and I feel sorry for that post. Even though what I really wanted […]

i’m bullettproof, nothing to lose

  Happy¬† belated New Year to everyone,I’m sorry for not updatin it’s jsut.meh. I’ve been away with my class for new years and it was crazy. no not the i had so much fun crazy, but the i had so much drama crazy. and i’m not even in da mood to elaborate. lets just say, […]

this moment for life.

  Don’t you just hate manipulative people? For instance I have this friend who always takes advantage of me. When I’m drunk ;). She never tells me her issues with me while I’m sober, cuz she knows I’m tough, and I won’t tell her my feelings, or what I think cuz I just don’t give […]

When I’m lost, I come to you, so blue.

  I love the end of a fucking pain in the as day. Days just like today has been. I started my day off my falling on the stairs, stubbing my toe and hitting my ankle so hard that by the time I reached school it turned all blueish and swelled up like a motherfucker. […]