No one sleeps when I’m awake


This past two, well one and a half week/s have been crazaaaay!

Last week I went on a school trip (if you can still call it that) with all of the boys in my class and one chick including some other school mates,  abroad. We went to this lake called Velence in the neighboring country and I can say we had a lot of fun!

The road trip alone was very long (10+ hours by bus) and very uncomfortable ( and this is  coming from someone who traveled from Budapest, Hungary to Edinburgh, Scotland by bus, and loved it, and now couldn’t take a 400 km road trip). By the time we arrived we were like, dude, give us some food, some quality foreign beer (that we would never normally buy since we’re cheap) , some sunblock and a cigarette and let’s party!

The first day was great. I got a killer tan (and for someone as pale as me, well.. I think my tan was great!) and my face got all sunburned and I was all red in the cheeks like a clown. My friend was laughing so hard at me the whole night, that he even went as far as licking his fingers and trying to wipe the redness from my cheeks ( at first he didn’t believe me when I told him that the redness wasn’t caused by make-up , that the sun had caused it) then he started randomly slapping me across the burned areas and I was like daaaamn you! So the night came and we all bought lots of beer for ourselves. I bought myself about 4 cans of Dreher  ( the best beer I’ve ever had, by the way) since I wasn’t really feeling like drinking beer that night, but meh, and we sat  in the yard of the campsite and talked shit for hours in a row. By the time I had decided to join the other girls and sleep there were only 4 or 5 of us left outside, and let me tell you, we were pretty wasted. (I never thought I could get drunk from 3 beers, but trust me, sleeping half an hour/night can do that to you, and hell you can get as wasted as you want, and it’s cheap :D!) So I went to sleep and all that bull but ended up being rudely awoken half an hour later by two guys, one of them pointing the flashlight of his phone in my eyes, and the other was grinning madly at something. I guessed they were off doing their usual ritual of waking everyone by shouting earthquake, fire, and other shit like that in  their ears. So I didn’t go back to sleep. But when I went outside, imagine my surprise. One of my mates was walking around in his boxer shorts, grabbing at his hair and he looked utterly panicked, so I was like, dude, are you okay? The answer I got was vague, and a bit scary: he told me his lungs hurt, his heart hurt, he was going to die, so okay, my first thought, what if he’s having a heart-attack or a seizure of some sort, what the fuck do I do? But then he walks around for another 2-3 minutes, mumbling about how he was going to die, before he just grabs his dick and randomly pees on the concrete. I was like what the fuck dude. Later we realized the dude was walking in his sleep, so of course, smartphones out, and we got it all on video. We had such a laugh at his expense. Poor guy. Though in the mornin he seemed fairly pleased with himself and even had fun while watching the videos we made of him. So all was right in the world.

After that one day I felt like, yeah, I could go home now, I had already had enough. The rest of the days weren’t anything special. I barely slept and we drank and got drunk off our asses every night. We had some shit with the cops, and while me and 5 other mates got rid of them, our other friends who were looking for a gas station and wanted to ask for directions pulled over the police car without even realizing it and yeah. Shit went down, but luckily they didn’t get arrested for not having any ID on them (it was about 4 o’clock in the morning, they were near the highway and they were wasted )

Then we came home, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the trip, because that would be a lie:)

The day before yesterday I was invited to a birthday party to one of my class mates and yeah. My classmates are of course stoners, and all that shit and I tend to stay away from them because of it but mostly because they are the rich and arrogant types and they get on my nerves with their arrogance. But yeah, my best friend had left and I really had noone to hang out with so when this dude came up to me and asked me if I wanted to snort some bathsalts with him I was like, sure, I;ve never snorted anything in my life, but why not? So he took me to the backroom, took out his white iphone, and poured some of the salt on the screen, placed a bill on top of it and proceeded to soften it with my credit card. After I sniffed it I was like what the fuck am I supposed to feel besides my nostrils flaring and that bitter shit slowly flowing down my throat? But I realized that the whole party sped up after that. This was at about 1 in the morning and by the time I started to feel a bit tired it was already passed 6 . I felt pretty energetic and happy and that’s something for me cause I always feel morose when I drink. So yeah, it wasn’t a bad idea, and if the opportunity will present itself once more, I won’t say no.

So I’ve spent the last day sleeping and having the headache of the century but some coffee finally solved my problems. Though I feel like I just want to forget about everything and everyone for awhile, stay put, maybe lay out in the sun, but I mostly feel like I really have to start on my summer assignments. I should really start studying for my Cambridge exam in December because it’s a lot of money and I can’t afford not to pass it, and I really need to decide on what uni i want to attend after I finish high-school. I was thinking something like chemical engineering but I really need to look into that and start studying if that’s what I really want because it’s not gonna be easy for me.
Anytime I start thinking about my future my head starts hurting and I feel this massive weight on my consciousness. Thinking about my future and responsibility always manages to bring me down, but meh.


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