From the rooftops I remember, there was snow.

  I hate people who lie. But mostly I hate people who lie to themselves, and think they can lie to others. And my family is the perfect imagery of a family ruined by lies.   My family has financial issues. And I am at an age where it’s part of my constant worries. What […]

Life is but an empty dream

Suddenly, there was nothing else. No cold breeze cooling my face, and stinging my already teary eyes. No trees, no noize, not my dad nothing in the world. Only me and that tombstone. And all that I could think of was: is there anything left? After 10 years? Maybe a bone, the coffin, her hair, […]

this moment for life.

  Don’t you just hate manipulative people? For instance I have this friend who always takes advantage of me. When I’m drunk ;). She never tells me her issues with me while I’m sober, cuz she knows I’m tough, and I won’t tell her my feelings, or what I think cuz I just don’t give […]

You don’t see me like I see you. I can’t have you, no.

And I want you in my life. And I need you in my life.   I’ve had this pathetic, fifth grade kind of crush this year, and this one song, The Pretty reckless-You, that I’m listening to right now reminded me of the guy. First of all I should mention, that I’ve only had two […]

the sky might fall, but i’m not worried at all.

      So, I’ve had the worst night, since,ever. I had read about this drug, called Tantum Rosa, in East Europe and as far as I had researched during today it’s called Benflogin. Over here, where I live, teenagers like myself use it as a drug. I dunno about the Benflogin, but the Tantum […]

When I’m lost, I come to you, so blue.

  I love the end of a fucking pain in the as day. Days just like today has been. I started my day off my falling on the stairs, stubbing my toe and hitting my ankle so hard that by the time I reached school it turned all blueish and swelled up like a motherfucker. […]

But at the end of the day, I’m walking with the heart of a lion.

  Today was different. Today was deciding, it felt like sealing a deal with bad to come back into my life. I went to the hospital with my father.They needed so many blood samples and I just sat there watching. My hand was on the table, my vein blue against the pale skin and the […]